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canning 'n fermenting - bonlynne
canning 'n fermenting
Took the morning 'n got a lot cleaned up 'n organized in the garden! It was still warm humid but at least it was cloudy! A cpl tomatoes in another area are showing signs of blossom end rot. Shite! I hope this works out this year!

I'm trying to raw pack a few things cuz we can't keep up with fresh. And the fridge is full of fermented so I can't do much more fermenting. But some of the lids didn't seal so my amigos had to eat some canned beans 'n the chickens got some. It's such a fragile process! If there is a nick on the glass or the snap lids have been exposed to hot water when it should've just been warm, 'n don't tip jar when lifting out 'n then let's talk about headspace.... Yeah!
I canned some quartered peppers! I want to try 'n can some whole tomatoes! But now I need lemon juice! I've got everything ready for salsa! Just waiting for the roma tomatoes!
Not giving up! Never giving up! :)

Kimchi is a huge success! Everyone loves it on their rice with feta cheese! Yes, everyone! Even Jame eats it all up. I think cuz it's spicy!


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