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bonlynne's Journal

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9 January 1977
All we have is Present, all we are is this Moment, all we do is Here and Now-this is the only thing that matters!
Sergei Ivanov (Soc)

Time is a paradox,
stretching between a "past" and "future"
that have no reality
except in our own minds.
The idea of time
is a convention of thought and language,
a social agreement.
Here is the deeper truth:
We have only this moment.

To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says: "Leave no stone unturned!"
Edward Bulwer Lytton

The universe does not judge us; it only provides consequences and lessons and opportunities to balance and learn through the law of cause and effect.

"Before anything manifests in this world, it first appears as a thought or image in someone's mind. Your thoughts colour the windows through which you see the world; your beliefs become the building blocks of experience. In other words, every positive thought is a prayer, and every prayer is answered!!"
A mountain sage

The golden mean is the middle way! The balanced place that values all sides of any issue. Realizing it's purpose! Find balance in your life and in all things!

My very best friend, 'n other half is James (Jame) My partner in crime! The crime being "going against the grain" And mother to three children! (my three amigos!)
I AM I! We are ONE, and we may choose to be "individuals", but by our one action, it affects everyone else around us. And when you take a bite of that apple, it becomes a part of you! Everywhere you go, everything you do, becomes a part of you!
I'm on the Great Journey that each 'n everyone of us is on! And it's ALWAYS changing! But then change is the only constant in our Universe so this is a good thing!! :)
I have many questions, and it seems as though there is so much to know and learn. But I believe that coming together we all have a piece of the puzzle! We can learn so much from eachother! Networking!
I also believe that much truth has been suppressed from our fallen dualistic world. I believe that in keeping an open mind, and pondering each thing, as you read yet more, you your self can come to see the truth by making YOUR own sense of it! Your 'inner' has the answers! Your higher Self! Or call it your Guardian Angel! It will guide you to your purpose 'n reason for being here! (Cuz each journey is different then the other, and how awesome is that!!)
Mistakes are experiences, and experiences become wisdom. It's all part of evolving into who we really are, and the path of man: Man, liberty, and light! We are the Light, but at what frequency/vibration!?
But most of all, the things that make me feel alive here on earth, is when I'm in the gardens or germinating seeds, and out in Nature; and the other is when I'm loving my brothers and sisters throughout this world, with everything that comes with what Love truly means! :)
The answer: Unconditional Love!
I love my journey! I love the sound of laughter! I love dancing! I want to be forever young!! :D And while there may be much that seems to be 'service to self' out there, Free will is still free will. All I ask is mine continues to be free will for the things I say may 'touch a cord'! Cuz what it all comes down to is: Experience. Nothing more, nothing less! And b/c of that you cannot say "Good" or "Bad" b/c good comes out of bad, and vice versa, so judgment has no place in my world. Strength comes from suffering if you choose it. Courage comes from fear, if you choose it! It's ALL for the soul's evolution! That's the only reason we're here!!
And so who I was a time ago, is no longer who I am, for all these things have 'n are changing who I am constantly! Besides, the moment is now!

My newest best friend 'n family member:
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