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A week full of new experiences! - bonlynne
A week full of new experiences!
Happy Celtic New Year! Celebrated on the beach. Just sat there watching the stars 'n talking about life! Only saw one shooting star, but that was enough to celebrate!
So it's been a week since stepping off the "magic carpet"! Magic carpet!?! It occurred to me the other day when I saw a clip from Aladdin that when I was in high school, I wanted to be that girl that stood on the balcony 'n a magic carpet came to take me to see some other part of this world! So, I guess dreams do come true! I was a little nervous about it. To be honest, I'm glad I planned two day trips with Lise. There was someone who was making the trip about something else. I only had one run in with her, but asked the staff to please sit us down, so I didn't have to feel the energy she was giving off! Everyone at work now believes the perfect family, the perfect life, the perfect... and so nice... Everybody's always looking at the outside. But the negative message was only meant for one, 'n yeah, I got it loud 'n clear. I did try 'n join the group at one point, but certain someone's moved away immediately 'n didn't talk. I finally left cuz I felt like a loser! A pariah! That's what James came up with cuz he sees it too. The one day he thought he was having lunch with the boss, but then it turned into sexual anatomy when the wife came over. Too much unnecessary drama! And so while James really, really enjoyed his quiet time 'n WiFi in the room, I would take my music 'n walk the sand while the waves came in 'n out over my feet! Aside from human psychology, it was still magical! Loved the morning walks when there was barely anyone there! The rainbows! The birds!
Made some new friends in the Dominican! Learned some more Spanish!
New experience: getting pulled under the water 'n feeling like you were in a blender was both terrifying 'n awesome!
More new experiences: swimming/snorkeling with three sharks. They were nurse sharks, 'n supposed to be docile, but I was FREAKING out!!! I didn't want them to smell fear, so I looked at the fishes to change my aura! And then we got to pet it! While I was trying to get my feet back away from it; Lise was smiling away cuz she was in love with it! :) Snorkelling would've been so totally awesome at the resort if the waves had calmed down, but they never did! I could've snorkelled all day 'n watched the fish!!! :)
The bestest, ever experience of all: meeting two dolphins that we got to interact with! It was the next best thing to swimming with a dolphin in the wild! We got pulled 'n pushed through the water! So powerful! It was a dream come true!
The next dream to come true was ziplining! I'm so glad I did that in the country of the Dominican! I was flying through the trees 'n getting touched by their branches! The hills on either side! I wanted to stay there 'n just sit in one of the trees for a while! Preferably an avocado tree so I didn't get hungry! :) The drive was like an hour an a half from the resort into the mountains, so we got to see everything as we drove by. A lot of construction goin on. We found the reason why we kept smelling burnt plastic at the resort, cuz they just burn it by the building that's goin' up! :( And the houses are our sheds. So little they own. When we got into the country, there was cows, sheep, chickens. And they were all free range, grass fed! I wanted the bus to break down so I could make cocoa pancakes for breakfast 'n have a steak for supper! :) Got to eat a cocoa bean from a ripe fruit! When I asked at the resort if the food was local, the guy laughed for almost ten minutes. So no then! So it has to come all the way from? I don't get peeps anymore!
It was an incredible week! I learned A LOT concerning the soul 'n hearts of "men"!

My amigos did an amazing job! Bran was miserable the last few days 'n very difficult. The girls were happy to see us! Bran, well, it didn't really matter. I wish he wasn't so disconnected!

I also went 'n quit the Centre. I wrote an apologetic email to all involved for overstepping cuz I wanted the place to be a success. I didn't get into the fact that I wasn't impressed with one person making the decision to hold back something I felt I worked really hard for 'n deserved. They can think I'm the bad guy, I don't care anymore! In certain situations, there is only room for "one", 'n I'll be the first to back off. My life is not about any of that. It's about the soul 'n hearts of man. If your not on board, or if you spend so much energy destroying just that, cuz you can only see yourself 'n what you want 'n have to have; then I am the pariah in your world! Do the fake smile, but I'll respond to the aura.

Am I disappointed!?! Just in the fact that the word "individuality" has the wrong meaning. And that no one's interested in the true power 'n magic of true love! But, to each his own.... Everyone is master of their fate, 'n reality.

Nos vemos! :)
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