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17 more sleeps!? - bonlynne
17 more sleeps!?
So it was finally confirmed this morning! I kept asking if he talked to the boss about the letter that said he didn't hand in the idea! He was all proud that day cuz it was a day before the deadline! He's gone above 'n beyond the rules! Working full days in the bloody heat 'n through breaks. When he complained about others missing more days, I had to remind him that he gets extra perks. He's got it good! So does the boss! When he texted the boss, he said he was old 'n forgetful 'n to send in a copy. I told him to text back: In that case, I remember how much you loved the idea!!! ;) Hee hee! But James doesn't have minions or a secretary 'n thus does not have a copy! I asked him what his idea was. He explained that it was about individual energy 'n how certain energies need to be placed where... I asked him why he had to complicate things! Why didn't you just say, If you want the work done in "impossible" times, don't put me with all the girls. Ya know the weaker sex. He likes the fact that material gets picked up 'n job sites get set up 'n cleaned up; but for the real heavy labour, he feels like he's doin' it himself mostly which takes longer! I told him to give the idea of a job board! Just the minor details of where 'n what the job is so they can look at it 'n make suggestions. Two heads are better then one right!? And James is always complaining about not knowing anyways. But he said the boss wouldn't like that cuz then he has to do extra work. Hmmm. Nita can put it up! Oh well. The boss said it was okay so James is qualified 'n I'm goin with!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! So 17 more sleeps!? Not sure what day exactly or what time yet! But we know where we're goin! It's hard to tell online, but it seems smaller 'n more open. Which means it's gonna be harder to houdini for me! There is grass though which pleases me greatly so I can do my 4am earthing!!! :) Other then that it's all about time standing still 'n I'm whole for a week! I'm so spread out throughout the entire year 'n for a week I get to just worry bout me. Harder said then done, cuz I like worrying about others! :) Oh 'n this time I'm doin the day trip! James isn't interested. So I'm goin with Lise! So the lack of trees at the resort will be made up in that trip!!! I've always wanted to fly among the canopy of trees! :)
So now I can look into travel insurance cuz boss man wants to see proof! Other then American money, we're all packed!!! :) Yeah, I've been packing for a long time! :) I even have a natural medicine for food poisoning! James eats everything! Now it's about getting goodies in the house for amigos 'n finding a vehicle to sit in driveway so it looks like someone is home cuz it's lookin' like park 'n fly!
I'm so excited! I never imagined my life having these experiences! Totally grateful! :)

Current Music: Miracles by Two Steps from Hell

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