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goin on's - bonlynne
goin on's
Yeah, no.
No thanks!
Urrr, no.
No way.
Hell no!

I'm practicing saying no, but it just doesn't feel right. It's cuz my little sis asked if they could do family pics on our property. I told her the trees luv getting their pictures taken 'n agreed. She also said, it was a beautiful place; but I told her I was doin' it all for the honey bees! Then she tells me that a photographer can make it such 'n such date 'n time. I have 30 days to clean up all (ALL) our projects on the go, 'n this is the second busiest time of the year for me. *sigh* There is so much coming out of the garden 'n last year I was a huge failure in the harvesting department that I'm trying to make up this year for the lost!
So far I've done 65 jars. Getting close to my goal. Should've planted more peppers! Oh there's always a should've! :) But I've got so many tomatoes that I've been canning 'em whole cuz at least you can chop 'em up for a stew, or...! The blight seems to have disappeared! This is the first year that I've thrown so much into the soil to make every living thing happy, cuz usually when blight sets in 'n with all this rain... but magically....! :) Cucumbers didn't produce too much. I gave my only magical one away, but they didn't seem into it. I'm a pain in the arse! I tried my first pickles! Can't wait to open those up 'n try 'em! And no polysorbate shite! Beans is still something I'm trying to master cuz it's not acidic enough 'n with canning it's important cuz your heating the good guys 'n leaving the bad guys. Bad guys don't like acidic states! So far the beans do best pickled. I've tried raw pack, but maybe beans is better hot packed 'n then I can use salt. Trial 'n error. When the lid pops, off it goes to the compost. I'm excited that I finally got some oven mitts that are heat proof 'n water proof! When your lifting the jars out of the boiling water after the bath.... was never fun with cotton mitts! And a small chef cart when the counters are all full! Your constantly doing dishes! Even tried canning apples in syrup! Problem: the cinnamon got stuck in the seal in the hot water bath 'n never sealed. Didn't get enough air bubbles out? Only some of them. So we'll have those this weekend. Jame requested icecream. Of course he did.
Finally got our first fermenting crock. A small one to start. Zucchini kraut. It's step one in order to make Zucchini Curry!
Drying, freezing... I'm managing to get 4-6 hours most nights! Waiting for the jars to bath in the wee hours of night. Then it's a cold shower 'n 1:30 in the morning barefoot on the wet grass by the pear tree eating a pear while Annabelle looks up at me waiting for the uneaten part! In my undies! Only the coyotes are watching! I need a place with no neighbours! It's just been too hot this year to wear clothes 'n I've gotten used to it! I put my pants on though when I have to go talk to the paving guys next door cuz they're blocking my mail box, 'n James says my shorts are too short. As I turned back one of them asked if I needed an escort. I pretended I didn't hear. What does that even mean? I'm in my work clothes 'n my baseball cap, dirt on my face. So it's probably not a gentlemen thing. Men!
When I only get three hours? Let's just say three hours makes you stupid! I had to go out, but thought I'd quickly get the jalapeño peppers out of the food dehydrator for storage 'n then washed my hands to put my contacts in. Bloody fuckin' hell! I was not talkin' lady like for a few moments in time! My eyes were so red I wore sunglasses the rest of the afternoon! So three hours is bad for you!
School begins. The Centre continues booking up every month. Not slowing down! Saving seeds for next year. I've done good so far. Next spring I don't have to spend so much!
And then it's keeping up with the house work 'n washing... 'n groceries 'n bills... 'n kittens that need to find homes... At least I don't have to go anywhere anymore for washing. I went 'n got a washer that sits on your table 'n you have to put the water in 'n turn it! The first time I tried it the clothes were fluffy so maybe too much agitation! The big blankets I still have to bring away, but saving money is the goal. I'm tired though! :) I haven't taken a single "me" day! I told Nita the other day that I was waiting for November! She said, What if there is no trip? Oh, I said. Then I guess I'm walking down the road with my suitcase cuz I gotta go somewhere where time stands still for whole week! Yes, I've gotten a taste, 'n damn it, I didn't like it; I luved it! I lived it! And the fact that it falls on my favourite holiday! Samhuin! But then Nita was told by the golfin' buddies that they were still looking. I hope he chooses! She'd send us all to Christian camp! No drinking, dancing.... I wonder which guardian I'll meet this time! And we are so getting a full massage this time! That was awesome; but ten minutes didn't do enough for me!
And phew I finally got to get all this here on journal! Tried the other night but James decided to bring me home a latte 'n it reacted with the kimchi I had for supper. Lactose! The "whole package" has been destroyed in milk 'n so the war of bacteria begins. I still don't what exactly happens. Only that pasteurisation destroys the beneficial 'n leaves behind... so my gut reacted with such force I had to leave. It felt like labour pains! Anyone else would've called the hospital, but I knew better! I managed to drive home but as soon as I got home, I crawled out of the van, took my sandals off 'n layed under willow 'n put my feet on the ground. It took about fifteen minutes to start feeling better, but it worked! Thank you willow 'n "mother"! :) I told James to never, ever, ever bring me another cow milk drink! Ever!
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